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A Beewatch glass hive is the epitome of aesthetic ecology. It will infuse your home with a hint of sweet harmony and create an inspiring and learning environment in tune with your home aesthetic. Feel it! The soothing color of the wood, the warmth of the hive, the scent of honey and wax… You’ll experience beekeeping like you’ve never imagined it before.

... green ...

Beewatch is “Green” because it helps the bees. But not only. All the Beewatch hives are hand-built locally in West Vancouver, British Columbia, using Canadian hardwood and staying away from toxic materials. The Beewatch hives are built to last…


Our smallest model. SKINNY is tall, elegant, and thin. This 6-frame hive will allow you to follow the queen and know everything that is happening in the hive: there is no place for the bees to hide from you!

skinny large wht
Walnut Twin Wide PNG


TWINS consists of two SKINNYs side by side connected through thin clear tubes allowing the bees to travel between. The unique design of this hive allows one unit to be the nursery for the colony, and the second unit to be the honey factory. Enjoy your honey! 6-frame high, twice.


PLUMP is the home for larger colonies and can provide a good amount of honey every year. If you really want the honey and don’t absolutely want to be able to watch the queen anytime (she can hide between the 2 columns of frames), then this hive will make you happy!  6-frame high, 2-frame deep.

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Each of our models is available in any wood of your choice. The entrance/exit can be on the side or on the top of the hive, to suit the specific design of your home.

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Please be aware that our services (installation, maintenance) are provided in the Vancouver area only for now. If you live further, you can still buy a Beewatch hive that we will ship to you with instructions on how to install and maintain it.