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The packages we describe in this section are designed to give you an idea about what products and services you need to enjoy your Beewatch experience. However, you can purchase only parts of those suggested packages.

Example: Henry is an experienced beekeeper. He has three active hives on his land and is a very handy man. He would love to own a Beewatch hive that would allow him to understand his bees better and to enjoy watching a colony at any moment of the day and of the year. Henri intends to catch a swarm and put it in his new Beewatch hive. Also, Henry is not interested in harvesting the honey from his hive since he already gets a load of honey from his outside hives. We recommended that Henry purchase a 6 frame Beewatch hive, with installation. This is all Henry need to enjoy the Beewatch experience!


Whether you own a restaurant, a meditation center, a dentist office, a bank, or a pet store, a Beewatch hive will add a modern touch and display a message about how you position your business regarding to environment protection

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"In the next decades, the most successful companies will be those that integrate sustainability to their core businesses."

Jim OWENS, CEO Caterpillar

How Beewatch can improve my business environment?

Share your home with a honey bee colony

It’s not just about the honey. Getting close to the hive, feeling the warmth created by the bees, the scent of the wax and the honey, the soothing hum of their wings… a Beewatch hive is meditative and therapeutic. Let the bees be your guides…

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"When I see trees in my neighborhood overflowing with fruit, I know that it's partly because of my bees that the fruits are so big and so plentiful."


Beekeeping, a handbook on honey, hives & helping the bees

We believe watching the bees will ultimately lead to watching out for the bees, because we naturally care for the things we understand and we feel connected to.

A modern and rich learning environment for students

A Beewatch hive in the main hall of their school. Kids walking by , peaking at what’s happening to the bees everyday. Curiosity is leading, interest is born… this inspiring environment will help build the generation of tomorrow.

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About the project

A Beewatch hive is a powerful educational tool. School gardens have steadily grown as a way to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Garden teachers probably mention how honey bees are important for their garden. Imagine the power of completing the circle of this teaching by having a beehive on campus that can not only provide a home for a bee colony, but also allow the students to watch the forager bees getting back to their hive carrying the pollen they gathered from the flowering plants planted on the school ground!

A Beewatch hive allow students to discover that respecting the natural organization of life brings harmony and helps build healthy environment that everybody can benefit. This is strong message that we believe will beautifully resonnate in the next generation.

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Please be aware that our services (installation, maintenance) are provided in the Vancouver area only for now. If you live further, you can still buy a Beewatch hive that we will ship to you with instructions on how to install and maintain it.