The Beewatch Experience

The Beewatch experience

With Beewatch you provide a home for a colony of honey bees, a home that will allow you to watch them, learn from them, help them spread in the environment. But your interference with their life cycle is minimal : your bees still decide for themselves.

You don’t prevent natural behaviors in the hive  or swarming, and you enjoy watching the development of the brood step by step. You don’t need to feed them: honey bees are free range, they fly in and out of their hive to forage and collect everything they need for their survival.

They get nectar and transform it into the most fabulous natural and nutritious food, honey! They collect pollen for their protein needs and, as they do so, they pollinate your garden to give you and your neighbors fruits, vegetables and healthy plants.

The bees heat the hive in the winter, and cool it down in the summer! They clean their hive to limit the development of pathogens, how cool is that! Also, they don’t need artificial light or biochemical checks, and when you want to go on vacation, you don’t have to worry about them! And eventually, your bees will treat you with some delicious honey!

In a fish tank...

Fish tanks can be absolutely gorgeous, displaying colorful and attractive fish. However, in a tank, no matter how beautiful and modern they are, fish are placed in a very artificial environment. They depend on you for all their biological functions, including eating, regulating their temperature, or even breathing! When you purchase a tank, you sign up for a long list of duties, like cleaning the tank frequently, feeding the fish, finding a pet-sitter when you’re away, heating up the water,

providing adequate light for the fish, providing plants, checking the pH of the water, treating when the biochemical parameters are off, etc… You certainly enjoy watching those beautiful fish, but besides that esthetic component, the experience can be rather limited. You don’t feel connected to Nature, you don’t feel part of a harmonious loop that allows you to learn and grow.

A unique bond with Nature

A Beewatch hive allows you to build a strong connection with Nature. The honey bees are fascinating social insects! Watching them helps understand them better, and the more you know about them , the more you care about them, the better connected to Nature you are.  With a Beewatch hive, you can watch the colony at any time, day and night, and doing so you know what’s going on in their life. You know if it’s time to make honey, to store pollen, or to raise brood.

Witnessing their labor helps you develop empathy for this amazing insect and respect for the nature that surrounds you.  You feel sad when the weather is bad not just because it ruined your plans for the week end, but also because you know what are the potential consequences for the bees who can’t forage food for the brood!

If you love cooking, knowing more about honey bees and realizing you are helping them by  giving them a home will make you feel more confident as a chef!  You will understand better where the ingredients you use in your cooking come from and that each of them is part of a cycle in which the honey bee plays a major role.

If you love gardening, you’ll enjoy seeing bees around, knowing how beneficial they are for the plants you care about. If you love hiking, you will be more attentive to the native bees around and the kind of flowers that are blooming, now that you know better the relationship between flowers and bees and how crucial this is for the bees and the environment.

Through watching and understanding the honey bees, you will become more passionate about things you already love, and you will discover new interests that ultimately will help you build stronger connections with Nature and therefore, feel better.

A New Bond With Nature

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Please be aware that our services (installation, maintenance) are provided in the Vancouver area only for now. If you live further, you can still buy a Beewatch hive that we will ship to you with instructions on how to install and maintain it.