A New Bond With Nature

The Beewatch Experience

Beewatch is more than a product. It is an experience,  a meditative journey that will help you connect with nature. Just let the honey bee be your guide!

"Watching the bees will ultimately lead to watching out for the bees"

We naturally care for the things we understand and feel connected to.

the process

1. Choose your model

We will establish a honey bee colony in the hive you choose and we will install it in the most beautiful room of your home.


2. Your bees travel outdoors freely...

The hive will be connected to the outside with a clear tube through the window or the wall.

3. ... and pollinate your garden

While foraging for nectar and pollen, your bees will pollinate the gardens in your neighborhood and beyond.

Honey Bee pollinating sunflower.

4. Watch them build up the colony and make honey

Watch your colony through the glass and get inspired by this fascinating insect. Learn all about the honey bee and understand what is happening in your hive throughout the year by following our Beewatch Blog.

5. We harvest the honey for you and maintain the hive

Beewatch allows you to own a bee colony even if you don’t have the knowledge or the desire to maintain it : we do it for you! We take care of the bees and harvest the honey for you every year. 


Our hive models

Our hives are hand built elegant and sturdy.  We hand pick the best hardwood and we build our hives with patience and passion. The glass we use offers the best visibility and  safety for your loved ones  around the hive.

Contact Us

Please be aware that our services (installation, maintenance) are provided in the Vancouver area only for now. If you live further, you can still buy a Beewatch hive that we will ship to you with instructions on how to install and maintain it.